Interview with Crowd Chirp Founder John Border

This week we interview John Border, founder of, an innovative new tool for crowdfunders to get more backers from Twitter. John is also a contributing member of our mastermind groups, and unlike other founders of crowdfund marketing services he does not spam our forum pages! So we’re glad to have him and his educated perspective on strategies to promote your crowdfunding campaign. He agreed to answer a Q/A that we prepared for him about his service as well as his outlook on the rise of crowdfund marketing services. Below are the formatted responses:


1) Q: Thanks for taking to time to fill out this Q/A John. We appreciate your insights into crowdfunding and project promotion, which is probably the most important aspect of crowdfunding. Now, how did you get started in all this crowdfunding biz? 

A: Thanks for the opportunity! I appreciate all the stuff Crowdfunding Masterminds is doing to help crowdfunders and entrepreneurs connect. Anyway, I personally got involved in crowdfunding as a personal social media consultant for high profile campaigns. However, I come from the tech startup space so naturally I started to see opportunities to give crowdfunders some awesome solutions to recurring problems they were experiencing.

2) Q: John, what is and how can it help crowdfunders? 

A: Great question! is basically a tool to help crowdfunders amplify their voice on twitter and also amplify the amount of backers back to their projects. We’ve built an amazing system that uses the most advanced software and targeting techniques to reach more people than anyone could ever reach on their own. Its perfect for crowdfunders looking to get more backers from twitter.

3) Q: What’s your thoughts on crowdfund marketing services? Are they any good? 

A: I have lost faith in a lot of these new ‘crowdfund marketing services’ that you’re talking about. There are always some exceptions, but most of these $5 for fb shares or tweet garbage or a magical press release biz needs to go. Crowdfunders needs to realize that promoting a crowdfunding campaign takes real work, not tricks & gimmicks. However, the tools and talented agencies that provide real value are definitely starting to shine through all the noise. Especially the rise of tech startups in southern California where we are based (Burbank). Its awesome to see so much excitement about crowdfunding here from talented marketers. So I have hope for the future.

4) Q: How is your service different than others? 

A: That’s another great question. We don’t like to think of as a service, but more of a tool for crowdfunders. When you use Crowd Chirp you’re getting the talent and experience from our team AND the amazing technology that lets us rock Twitter for you. There is no guess work about our service. We have a system in place to make some serious noise on Twitter and bring the crowd back to your campaign. Any crowdfunder who wastes another minute trying to do all their own social media is really missing out on what we’ve built for them. Crowd Chirp is like steroids for a crowdfunder’s twitter strategy.


5) Q: What was your biggest challenge when launching 

A: Everyday we run into another challenge. We are constantly improving our technology and the whole system to target the most lucrative Twitter audiences for our clients. That takes serious time and investment, but we see the direct benefit when another client gets successfully funded thanks to our social media promotions.

John, thanks for taking the time to catch up with the Crowdfund Masterminds group. We appreciate your responses and the value you provide to our community. Best of luck with Crowd Chirp! 

-Crowdfund Masterminds 


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