Mastering Indiegogo 101

1. Launching on Indiegogo 101

Remember all that work you did planning for early momentum? Now is the time to ask everyone in your immediate network to contribute so your campaign enjoys strong early momentum. Once your campaign is about 30% funded, publicize your campaign fully by reaching out to everyone in your target audience, including people you don’t know personally. If you’re not 30%, get there! As Ross Engels told us in last weeks interview, “If you’re not on track to hit your funding goal, its hell. Don’t stop in hell, keep going!”.

2. Promoting your campaign 101

Reach out to your immediate network and then beyond through promotional efforts.

Expand your reach with email.
Contributors who visit a campaign page from a link in an email tend to give 20% more on average than contributors sent by any other referral source. Maximize the potential of email:

  • Make a community outreach schedule
  • Use a template to keep it simple
  • Maintain a friendly, personal tone
  • Build an email tree: ask friends to email 5-10 of their friends on behalf of your campaign

Maximize Social Media:

  • Use the share tools to get the word out
    • Put effort into promoting your campaign in a personal way
    • If you don’t have the time, then hire an outside marketing agency
    • Leverage the skills and experience of others who know how to maximize your results
    • Respond promptly to any messages, tweets, and comments you get
    • Avoid spamming your followers with repetitive content
    • Use Twitter to connect with journalists and bloggers who may be interested in writing about your campaign
    • Use Twitter to drive sales and get more backers

Run a referral contest.
Running a referral contest is a great way to motivate supporters to share your campaign. Find out who’s sharing your campaign by using the dashboard tools, and publicize your referral contest using updates, email, and social media. Then, recognize and incentivize the supporters who send the most contribution dollars your way.

3. Engaging with Backers 101

Talk with contributors and keep them in the loop. Try to find new ways to involve your community and renew their curiosity. Here’s how:

Update contributors:

  • Update your contributors through the Updates Tab on your campaign page. Campaigns that send out at least 3 updates raise about 239% more money than those that post two or fewer.
  • Send an update at least once every 5 days. Typically, the more updates a campaign sends, the more money it raises. Send an update when there is news or new information to share about your campaign – think of it as bringing your contributors along for the ride.
  • Share your latest campaign achievements.
  • Review comments on your campaign page to see if there are any questions or issues you need to address in an update.
  • Let contributors know about any changes or delays regarding perk fulfillment.
  • Contact contributors individually.
  • Use video in your updates to keep things interesting for your audience.

4. Have good perks & realistic pricing 101

We’ve already covered perk basics, but there’s still more to do even after you’ve launched.

Introduce new perks at any point during your campaign to get the conversation started again. Make sure you price them well! Crowdfunding is still real life, you need to have competitive pricing on everything!

5. Keep your eye on the goal 101

If you’re struggling to hit your goal, let people know! This motivates current backers to tell their friends. We’ve been discussing things with our guy Jetro Ross about how this literally saved his entire indiegogo project. Jetro was still 6K away from hitting his goal and was out of gas. He then called upon his existing backers to push him through or else he was going to have huge problems launching his summer clothing line–which impacts everyone involved. Remember, people want to know ‘whats in it for me’, so don’t be afraid to tell them!


We will have more on mastering next week when we interview Matt Fellows about his rocky journey to fund more than 6 different crowdfunding campaigns (4 of which were on Kickstarter). Be sure to subscribe to our Crowdfund Masterminds newsletter! 

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